How Important is Logo design?

A business needs a lot of things to be successful, especially in the early stages. The logo for the business is one of those important things. When it comes to logo design, businesses are sometimes tempted to cut corners and make something themselves. That’s fine if your business is graphic design, but if you are not in that field, then perhaps hiring out the creation of your logo is something to consider.

Is a Logo Necessary?

In a vast majority of the cases, yes. As the old saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Your logo is an invitation to the potential customer. It is a map that points customers toward your company. As the attention span of our society gets shorter and shorter, the need to grab them quickly increases. Often when we hear the term logo, we think of shapes and images. Even if your company design will be word based, it is still a logo. There are considerations about the font, colors used and layout that need to be factored into the design.

The Logo is Part of Your Brand

Successful branding involves telling a story that will influence customers to buy your products or services. Your logo is the visual basis of your brand identity. Font, color, and even word choice are part of that narrative, but the logo is the front door to it all. Your logo will end up on business cards, letterhead, email signature blocks, sales decks or even signs. A logo that can’t be scaled to different sizes or that doesn’t align with the message you are trying to send is the wrong way to go.

It is Memorable

Some of the best-known brands are easily identified by their logo. The Nike swoosh, the 4 color square from Microsoft or the Golden Arches. You don’t even have to hear the brand name; you know who they are when you see the logo. To be honest, some customers will forget your company name, but a memorable logo can help them remember your brand.

It Helps Develop Brand Loyalty

Quick, name 3 companies that have successfully changed their logo to something very different. Yes, there are a few that have done it, but many more have not done it successfully. Coca-Cola has tinkered with its logo over the years, but you will see a common font and visual elements since the early 1900s. (Except for that misstep in the mid-1980s that cost them dearly). Humans are creatures of habit and value consistency. As your brand grows, the logo becomes more familiar, and it helps communicate trust and foster loyalty. Creating the right logo design early can pay off down the road.

A Logo Can Communicate More Than Just Your Name

One writer said in Forbes “The right logo says everything without saying a word.” He goes on to say “…do not sacrifice commerce for the sake of art. Do not let a fancy design that does not reflect your message dictate how you act.”. This is an important point to consider. The logo is more than just a billboard for your brand name. It is communicating. A careless choice of font or choice of color can communicate things that are in contradiction to your business. A wise choice can communicate professionalism, care and messages that support your business goals.

Similarly, DIY logos can communicate the wrong message too. Clip art, stock icons and the wrong font can communicate a lack of professionalism or even that the company is willing to cut corners to save cost. Would that message help a home builder or plumber that is creating a brand? DIY is fine for your HOA newsletter, but do you want your business’s growth to depend on one?

Creating a unique, professionally designed logo is not hard and may be less expensive than you think. Simple Social can help with your new logo design or an entire branding strategy. We’d love to learn more about your business and your vision. Contact us and set up a free consultation. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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