Brand Consulting

There are key relationships that can drive your business and make it grow over time. Brand Consulting is one of those relationships. We work with your business to define your brand, sharpen its focus and build your visibility.

What is Branding?

Branding can help people to recognize your company, often in a crowded market. Many times, when businesses hear the term “branding”, they think of a logo or graphic that they use to represent their company. A recognizable logo is important but branding is much more than just a logo, design, or packaging.

A good branding strategy can encompass not just advertising, but customer service and reputation as well. In short, it is the public perception of what your company is. By creating a comprehensive branding strategy, customers get the same message across the board, leading to a familiarity that can create loyalty.

Branding can not only help you generate future business, but it can increase the engagement with the customers you already have. With an effective branding strategy, your company not only becomes more recognizable, but you build trust with your target audience as well.

The Stages of Brand Development

Your customized branding strategy is closer than you think


Uncover your brand identity

We help you uncover your brand identity and bring it into focus.


Understand your audience

We help you identify your target audience and how to effectively reach them.


Craft your brand

Our expert team will craft your brand and its presentation in the market.

How can it be done?

 A branding strategy is not a single action or single item. Instead, it brings a number of elements together into alignment to create a clear and comprehensive plan to position your company as favorably as possible in the marketplace. Creating that strategy could involve some or all of these:

Brand Definition

Defining your brand is a key first step, but the answer may not be as obvious as you think. We can help you clearly define what your brand is.

Brand Positioning Statement

A positioning statement determines exactly what your company does, who it targets, and what makes your company different. We help you find your niche in the marketplace and capitalize on it.

Brand Identity

This is the combination of several branding disciplines that combine to create the image your customers see. Our experts bring everything together to show your company to the world.

Product & Packaging Design

If your product is packaged for sale or if the product itself needs an update, our team can help create create designs that tell your story effectively.

Advertising & Communications

Whether it’s commercials for TV, radio or online or an email campaign, the Simple Social creative team puts their experience to work on ensuring the marketplace hears what you want to say.

Pricing Strategy

Our marketing professionals can use market research resources to ensure that your pricing strategy helps keep your business both competitive and profitable in your market sector.

Branding Workshops

Whether your company is new, still finding its footing in the market, or an existing company that is considering a refresh that brings different facets of your business into alignment, a branding workshop with Simple Social’s marketing specialists is a positive step in establishing your brand and making it work for you.

What to expect

  • An average of 4 hours with branding specialists
  • Questionnaires to learn more about you and your company
  • Exercises to determine the best direction and methods
  • Creating a model customer and communication model

Workshop Outcomes

  • Determine and define the mission of your business, often beyond the obvious
  • Define and align your core values
  • Create your brand persona and bring it into focus
  • Establish clarity in your messaging and make it appealing
  • Bring different facets into alignment

Other Services

  • Logo design services are available for new companies or to update existing designs
  • Determining the colors and font that communicate best
  • Creating a brand guide for future reference
  • Establishing core values and how to share them

What Our Clients Are Saying

Keith Trawick

Ignite 516 CEO

Simple Social has been an incredible partner. Their process is professional, yet personal, which was perfect for me. My ideas were not clearly defined and they took the time necessary to help transform my vision into a real product. I simply can’t recommend them enough.

Vinny Resnick

Nextus Billing Solutions CEO

Simple Social team did a phenomenal job helping us to capture the essence of our business voice and mission. The workshop was practical, engaging, and very impactful for our future brand message. Highly recommend!

Megan Deluca

President of Thrive SWFL

We feel relevant, hope-filled and transformed by the creative process which led us to where we are today. They are extremely professional, responsive and most importantly, driven by a desire to serve the SWFL community. We are so thankful for Simple Social and love having them as an integral part of the Thrive family!