Tricore Fitness

When Tricore first came to us, they were in a transition. The staff member who had previously managed their website and social media had left their team and the owner had assumed the duties. It didn’t take long for him to decide it took up too much of his time. He preferred to use a local company and he met with us.

After listening to him tell us about his needs and goals for the future of Tricore, we suggested a Brand Workshop as a first step. During the workshop, we were able to help the company identify their core values, key messaging and customer personas, then combine it all together into a brand personality.

Once we had the research, we crafted a customized plan for the business, along with some enhancements to their existing website.


Website RebuildSocial MediaBranding

Website Rebuild

Tricore had a website that was adequate in letting customers know they were in business, but the company had outgrown it and wanted something more robust. We created a website that was visually appealing and easy to navigate. It was easily adaptable to adding new services or products. From the business aspect, the new site gave the company better ability to track their customer’s habits and generate new leads from visitors.

The new website was also able to integrate with the software Tricore used in the operational aspects of their business. The company has a number of coaches and client facing personalities and the new site gave the coaches better visibility, enabling a growth in customer connectivity.

Social Media and Branding

Coming out of the workshop, our team was able to create a Brand Guide for Tricore. This helps ensure that when they use other vendors or create things in-house, there is a consistency in things like font, color selection and graphics.

A customized social media strategy was also created. The goal was to create content and graphics that increased engagement from both customers and potential customers. It also helped showcase the different coaches and products. Because the coaches have their own social media presence, having a comprehensive strategy promotes continuity across the platforms and increases effectiveness of the messaging.

We’ve been able to respond quickly when Tricore introduced new products or modified existing ones. The relationship has extended into helping them create strategies for new product launches as well.