Orange Publishing

Orange is a faith-based non-profit organization headquartered in the Metro Atlanta area. Their primary focus is to partner with churches and parents in the areas of children and student ministries. Orange also provides training opportunities and hosts large, well-attended national conferences. Our initial work with Orange was to support the launch of a new book and as the collaboration between our team and their in-house team grew, the opportunity for us to assist them in other areas became available. In the process, we’ve assisted the organization with several book launches, including website builds for the books, video production, social media ads, influencer use and digital ads. We also provided graphic design support and on-site media support for one of their national conferences.

Services Provided

Website DesignSocial Media AdsInfluencer collaborationVideo Production
Email marketingDigital AdsOn-site event supportIn-house team collaboration

Book Launch

Our first assignment for Orange was the launch of a new book. Traditionally, the organization has launched books during its large national conferences. This was the first time they were launching one outside of that model. We created a comprehensive marketing plan for them that began with a dedicated website. The optimized site was designed, built and launched by us and we hosted it as well. We produced videos that went with the campaign. Our plan included a social media campaign, email marketing and digital advertising. We also collaborated with influencers. The book launch was one of the most successful Orange has had and they have retained us for other book launches since then.


Orange holds two large national conferences annually. The conferences run concurrently and in the same geographic area. We collaborated with the organization’s in-house team to create a marketing plan that had each group leverage its strengths. We were able to give Orange specific guidance on ad spend to meet their goals and expected results.  We provided graphic design services and used the graphics in the digital ad campaign. Similarly, we created and managed a social media campaign. During the conference, we sent team members to provide on-site support. This included videography, photography and copywriting for communication during the conference and for use in future events.