Video Production in our New Studio

So far, 2023 has been an exciting year at Simple Social. One of the things we’re most excited about is the official opening of our new studio. This dedicated space will allow Simple Social Films to serve our client’s video production and photography needs better than ever.

About the Studio

The new 2,000-square-foot studio provides multiple filming options. By being a flexible design, the transition from a living room set for a TV commercial with multiple cameras to a set that is laid out to create instructional videos with a single camera can be done quickly.  The studio also uses multiple spaces to create different looks and feels. It is conveniently located near downtown Fort Myers.

Video Production

At the heart of the studio is the video production function. We have the capability to film a wide range of videos, such as:

  •       TV Commercials
  •       Curriculum and Video Courses
  •       Branding Videos
  •       Digital Advertising Videos
  •       Documentaries
  •       Social Media Videos
  •       And More

The Simple Social team is able to work completely from concept development and storyboarding to editing, voiceovers and much more. Our video production capabilities outside of the studio include drone cinematography, underwater filming, location shoots and live event coverage.


Product photography is another area for which our studio is an excellent resource. We can do lightbox photography to show your products with the cleanest, crispest image possible. 360-degree views of products for your website are easily produced. Team portraits and headshots for your website or social media can also be done in the studio space.

The Team

Heading up the Simple Social Films team is Director of Photography, Sergio Munoz. Sergio is an Emmy-award-winning videographer with a keen eye for detail and a drive to make every product excellent. Backing him up is an experienced team of writers, editors and production crew.

Why Professional Video Production

Studies indicate that 85% of social media users want more videos from their brands and viewers retain 95% of the message when they watch it versus 10% when they read it. However, quality makes a difference too.

“Anyone can create a video, but not everyone can craft a video. Our entire creative team from our writers, art directors, producers, and production crew is focused on crafting stories that move people to action.”- Sergio Munoz

It’s not hard to grab a phone and make a video, but your business needs to do more than entertain. The videos need to move people to action, whether that is buying your product or setting up a consultation. This is when professional video production is at its best. Not only is the video visually appealing, but the message has been crafted to get you the return you want. You can read more about why professional video production services may make sense for you here.

Are you ready to find out how video production and photography can help your business grow? Contact us for a free consultation. We’d love to learn about your business and what your marketing needs are. 

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