When we first met with Thrive, the name of their nonprofit was actually Lifeline Family Center. They had not decided on a name change yet… but they knew that they needed to refresh their marketing. They felt that their current marketing wasn’t reaching the audience that they exist to help. Instead of navigating these decisions alone, they wanted outside eyes to help them clarify their messaging and better reach their target audience. 

The first step that we recommended for Lifeline was our branding workshop, where we do a deep dive into brand personality, core values, key messaging, customer personas, and more. Through these strategic exercises, it became clear that a total rebrand would be beneficial, including a name change. 

We were able to help present ideas for a new name, which was later approved by the board of directors.


Logo DesignSocial Media
Web DesignRebranding

Our team was able to lead them through the process of rebranding

  • We worked with them to design their new logo assets, color palette, and brand fonts.
  • We designed a brand new website that revamped their messaging, improved user experience and was more relevant for their target audience.
  • We helped rebrand all of their social media channels and communicate the rebrand to the community.
  • Our team was also able to create a variety of new marketing materials for them, including t-shirts, signage, and more.

Ongoing support for social media and graphic design

Once the rebrand was complete, our services didn’t stop there. We provide ongoing support for Thrive’s social media, including creating social media content and managing their channels. We’re also able to help with donor communication as needed through email blasts.

Because we’re so familiar with their branding and have all of their assets on file, we’re able to quickly design beautiful marketing material when they need new assets, such as touch cards, brochures, flyers, and more.

We love working with nonprofits like Thrive who are making the community a better place.

What Thrive had to say

“Arianne, Stephanie and the entire Simple Social team have brought our vision for a rebrand to life! If done successfully, a rebrand creates an entire shift in the organization’s culture and ignites the passion within. We feel relevant, hope-filled and transformed by the creative process which led us to where we are today. They are extremely professional, responsive and most importantly, driven by a desire to serve the SWFL community.  We are so thankful for Simple Social and love having them as an integral part of the Thrive family!”

 –  Meghan DeLuca, Executive Director