How Search Engine Optimization Can Help Your Business Grow

Everyone wants their business to be found by both new and existing customers. If your business has any sort of presence online, most people will find you is by using a search engine. Whether they’re using a computer, smartphone or device like Alexa, ultimately finding their answers will involve a search engine. Search engine optimization…

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How Does Social Media Management Affect My Business?

In the past, businesses relied on newspaper ads, billboards, the yellow pages and commercials to spread awareness of their business. More and more, the marketplace is online and social media is a key part of that. While most of us are on social media, the question for businesses becomes one of using professional social media…

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Nextus Billing Solutions

web headers NEXTUS

Nextus Billing Solutions is an established billing service provider for Behavioral Health Facilities. Nextus invested in SEO development with an SEO agency but was looking for more reporting and more transparency in SEO work. Since coming on with Simple Social, Nextus Billing has remained #1 on Google in multiple keywords and enjoys Simple Social’s timely…

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The Hideout Storage Park™

web headers thehideout

The Hideout Storage Park™ is a 40-acre storage facility that provides storage for virtually all types of storage needs: RV, boats – or other types of water-sports craft, trailer, auto, and material storage. A big facility like that deserves a big search presence. Within 2 months of working with Simple Social, The Hideout Storage Park…

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Waldon Carpentry

web headers Waldron

Waldron Carpentry is a 20+ year old commercial carpentry contractor. All of Waldron’s sales came from personal connections and networking. But in 2019, Waldron was ready to give digital a try. With a new SEO optimized website and SEO content marketing campaign, Waldron’s new site went live in spring 2019. Within 6 weeks, Waldron was…

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