Seed to Table

When we began working with Seed to Table, they brought us on to produce their Television and radio commercials as well as run their social media. Not only were we able to provide consistent, high quality content, we were also able to significantly improve the customer experience with Seed to Table online. This included robust backend support such as answering customer messages and comments, and building out an event strategy to make it easier for customers to know what’s happening at Seed to Table. On the video production side, we were able to bring fresh ideas and strategies to the table, and work hand in hand with management to create commercials and other video content that increased both sales and the customer base.

A 4 Website Project

The more Seed to Table grew, the more there was a need for it to have its own website, apart from the Oakes Farms parent company site. We worked with leadership to develop a strategy that would involve a new website – not just for Seed to Table, but for each of the retail stores under the Oakes Farms umbrella, making it much easier for customers to find store-specific information, such as location, menu, contact information, and event calendar. Rather than working with multiple agencies, we were able to handle the build out all 4 sites in a way that maximized efficiency and budget, and most importantly – kept branding and language consistent throughout the sites. Our team handled all of the photography that was needed as well as copywriting, graphic design, and more.

Custom Add-Ons

The great thing when there’s a foundation of trust is that as new needs arrive, more services can be added quickly and easily. Seed to Table was interested in being active on TikTok, and our team was able to create a TikTok strategy as well as provide on-site service – filming and creating content specifically for TikTok. Additionally, we’re able to handle Facebook ad requests, including hiring related ads, and so much more.


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