Potter Homes

Potter Homes is a well-established home builder in Southwest Florida. They specialized in building luxury waterfront homes. They did have a single-page website but felt that it didn’t show the range of the services they could provide to customers. They were well known as builders but also wanted to showcase some of their custom home work, as well as introduce their other services to a broader audience. 

Our process began with a workshop with some of the partners to learn their vision, understand the company more fully, and help them reach their goals. To help in this, we did interviews with key personnel to fully understand not only the company but the underlying philosophy that drives their company. We were able to home in on their target market, core values and key messaging. Our recommendation was a new website, including a new domain name, and a managed social media presence.


Web DesignSocial Media ManagementPrint Materials

Custom Solutions

  • A new website was created for Potter Homes. The new site included separate pages for their 4 major service areas, as well as pages about the company and one showing Potter-built homes that were for sale.
  •  Two different custom photo galleries were created. One on the home page allowed customers to see photos of specific models of homes and made the pictures sortable by room. The second gallery page allowed customers to sort pictures from various homes by room, allowing them to compare several models simultaneously.
  • Communicating the company’s key branding message was a priority for the client. We were able to be highlighted and repeat it strategically on the site.
  • The client wanted a low-key approach to their social media presence. We took over managing that for them, freeing them to focus on their business.
  • We also had the opportunity to design a beautiful printed magazine for Potter Trinity, their real estate partner. We handled everything from copywriting, to design, and more.

Ongoing support

Our job didn’t end when the website launched. Potter Homes did not want to have a high-profile social media presence but did want us to maintain a steady one for them. Communications through both the website and social media, however, did become a more pressing issue in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. When Potter Homes needed to communicate information to their clients and the public about services after the storm, they were able to do so quickly through a single point of contact. This allowed them to get their message out and return to helping the community recover.

Since we are very familiar with the company and their values, we are able to create custom messaging when they need it, as well as support them with items like touch cards or other marketing materials if needed.