Food & Thought 2

We first sat down with Food & Thought 2 a few months before the opening of their brand new restaurant in Naples, Florida. At the time, they were about 3 weeks away from their first job fairs. They needed a robust marketing proposal that could be turned around quickly in order to help them get the word out about their job fairs and soon-coming restaurant and market. After one meeting with the owners, we were able to provide them with a comprehensive marketing plan that would help set them up for success.


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Custom Solutions for Food & Thought 2

  • We were able to plan, film, produce, and edit television and radio commercials in less than two weeks, promoting their job fairs and soon-coming opening.
  • We were able to build Food & Thought 2 a one-page site within 2 weeks that could house all of the necessary information while also integrating with their HR software for job applications. Meanwhile, we also started working on the full restaurant website that would need to be ready by the restaurant opening.
  • Within two weeks of our first meeting, we had ads running for them on Google, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, spreading the word about the job fairs and the restaurant opening.
  • Our team wrote and distributed press releases letting the local community know about Food & Thought 2’s restaurant. 
  • We were able to immediately take over their social media channels, posting engaging content, and responding to questions from customers, allowing the Food & Thought 2 team to focus on hiring, construction progress, and the many other things that go into opening a restaurant. 
  • Our photography team was able to capture high-quality photos that were used on the website as well as social media. 

Taking the headache out of marketing…

One of the things we focus on at Simple Social is making marketing less stressful for business owners. We do this by developing a professional yet personal relationship with our clients that creates an ease of working together. That has certainly been the case with Food & Thought 2. Especially because we had worked with one of the owners for his other stores, there was a familiarity with his brand and key staff members that made the process really smooth. We were able to support the Food & Thought 2 team by both responding to their requests and bringing ideas and perspectives to the table.