Farmer Joe’s

Famer Joe’s is a locally owned and operated grocery store that was opening its first location. We were able to start working with them very early in the business process. The store had a logo they were happy with, but everything else was going to be a fresh start. It was important to Farmer Joe’s that we reflect their care for the community and highlight what makes them different from other stores in the area.

Our process started with a branding workshop that resulted in a comprehensive brand guide for the store. Based on our recommendations, a large, multi-page website that highlighted the numerous departments was developed and launched. The site was hosted with us along with SEO services. We began services to get the brand in front of the community during the building phase and had an established name at the time of the grand opening.


Website & HostingSocial Media ManagementVideography (commercials and Social media)
Digital adsCommunication assistanceTV Commercials

Custom Solutions

  • A new website was designed. The new site had pages dedicated to each major department in the store. The site also included pages to highlight weekly specials and the menus for their café.  All photography and videography were completed in-house.
  • We created and produced a jingle for both their online video ads and TV commercials. A voice-over talent was selected for their ads as well and we provided music for the TV commercials.
  • The client wanted a consistent social media presence that not only promoted their brand but demonstrated their interest in the community they serve. We set those up and have managed them since the start.
  • The client wanted assistance in developing both internal messaging to staff and external messaging to customers. We crafted a vision statement that their employees are able to use for guidance, as well as a core values statement that customers can use to understand the character of Farmer Joe’s.
  • We were able to set up a system to get the digital ads out in a consistent and timely manner. This is important to the market and provides a stability that increases customer loyalty.

Ongoing Support

The new website is hosted with us, providing them with continuing services and web security. On-going SEO services include on-page SEO, blog articles to reinforce keywords and periodic keyword reviews. We routinely produce videos for use in their social media campaigns or to promote events. Simple Social does the complete TV commercial process from concept and location scouting to the final, edited product.

During Hurricane Ian, Farmer Joe’s physical location suffered significant damage and was closed to the public. We shifted our efforts to keep the client continuing to be involved with the community on social media platforms. The store decided to use what resources it could to help the community recover. This included using their property as a food distribution point. To aid this, we completed press releases for the store and distributed them to media outlets. Additional events, like a Halloween Trunk or Treat, were sponsored by the store to aid the community in restoring a sense of normalcy. We provided press release assistance and support with photographers.

Because of our relationship and familiarity with Farmer Joe’s, we’ve been able to support them during live events and make time-sensitive communications on their social media platforms with almost no delay.